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Welp... Wonder Red you didn't make it into Smash this time but that's okay. I mustn't lose up yet there's always Smash 5!! >:)
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jesus christ I just started sobbing while listening to Ai No Uta for absolutely no reason... I am so going to be in my period soon lol.
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What the hell. I love the opening for Ressha Sentai Toqger way too much Im such a freaking weeaboo help me.
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The soundtrack of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness and Time is so peaceful and happpy I love it!! I used to watch my brother play from time to time back when I was in high school. The story is so touching I should really play these games for myself eventually C:
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I seriously can't recall the last time I was so hyped about a fight scene from an anime!! One Punch Man really saved the fighting genre for me!! <3
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*thinks about Saitama and Genos*
*makes inhuman sounds*

.....uuuurgh I don't even ship them I just want them to chill together and be happy ;__;
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man tumbr is such a weird place. a porn blog just liked a picture of me wearing a goddamn shy guy mask im just???????? how did they found it and why did they liked it i just don't get it lol
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Hum... i don't have anything particular to say im just testing on how to make a post i guess????


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